Customer service

Joel Spoelsky has an excellent post on customer service

I would add two more things to the list

  1. If you are going to do something in the name of customer service – then mean it
    A colleague bought Tesco’s 200 g of roasted peanuts that supposedly contained only 150 calories. Its this new fad amongst superstores to write nutritional facts on the packaging so that customers can make rational choice. However, on close inspection, you could see a small print which actually said the nutritional information applied to only 1/8th of the pack.If you are going to put small print, you are not really helping the customer. In fact, you are doing the exact opposite.

    Conventional wisdom would have told him that peanuts are very calorific, but he ended up buying it because he was misguided.

    Congratulations Tesco !! You have earned the distrust of your customer for life because of your cynical approach to providing him with a “rational choice”

  2. Treat your customer facing employees with respect
    I was at M&S making my purchase at the till, when the manager came around. Apparently, the tiller had requested for a short break earlier and the manager came back with her records. She reprimanded him for making the request, and told him that his next break can only be taken after a period of 3 hours, as specified in his contract.

    The result – An embarassed and fuming tiller retaliated through a slower than normal service and making sour faces at customers.

    Now I dont know the working practices in M&S, but I am willing to bet there was a better way to handle the whole incident. If the purpose in refusing the short break was to ensure smaller queues, then it was defeated right there and then.


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